Sunday, August 24, 2008

text message cop outs

technology is a blessing, technology is a curse. in the dating world...i'm more inclined to go with the latter. before the advent of text messaging, a person used to have to call if they were interested. now, they can just send a mass text message to the numbers they collected in a successful evening and see who responds. something non-descript like "hey cutie, what's up? great meeting you last night, we should get together sometime," and see who responds.

some people also use this tactic as a means to clean out their phone of numbers that they don't recognize. i just delete numbers if i don't recognize the name, which is not always the best course of action. some of those people were in there so that i remember NOT to respond if i see their number appear, i'm going to just start changing the name to "do not answer." what spurred this post? there is always a catalyst, i don't blog for nothing! here is the transcript:

anonymous txter: "hey cutie, how you doin"

me: "who's number is this?"

anonymous txter: "what's yo myspace?"

me: "who is this."

anonymous txter: "benjamin"

me: "we've already established that we don't know each other, so why don't you delete my number and you can stop trying to figure out who i am."
(after i saw the name, i realized that this dude has tried this before)

benjamin: "Man if I got you in my fone I must kno you. That's y I ask wut yo myspace. So I can at least see a pic of you. I jus getting to I got u in my fone and don't kno"

me: "well i don't have you in my phone."

benjamin: "Can I get a pic"

me: "where are you even from?"
(i googled the area code, so i already know this...houston)

benjamin: "houston"

me: "well, i live in arizona, so i don't even know where we would have met."

benjamin: "Wuts yo myspace"

me: "we probably met in a club or something and never talked, it obviously wasn't that deep, so let's leave it at that."

benjamin: "That's not nice but u got it"

me: "No it's not, but what's the point."

benjamin: "I jus want see a pic of u and then I kno wut it is then"

me: "well i don't know you, so i'm sticking with my original answer."

benjamin: "I guess dats it den"

me: "yeah guess so. peace."

obviously i must've given this guy my number and don't remember or it was so long ago that i forgot. either way, after the first time he tried it he, should have given up. i have now saved his number in my phone: "do not respond." fellas, if you don't know the number, just delete it; don't try and get the myspace page, that is so lame.